This is an ode to all those people that like to rip hard.

We went with Roman to a lonely part of France, where decadence shows up every year after summertime, after tourists go back home and the villages become shy and dismal.

A couple of chocolate ice creams and that beautiful pumptrack changed our minds completely.

A last hour trip to the Portuguese coast.
Our minds were going bananas as we were facing a long week of no waves at home. As the forecast was poor for the next days, we packed our things and drove to the coast of Ericeira hoping to get some waves.

This is how easy an amazing trip begins. Even if the waves were quite poor, but Yago and Joseba knew how to take advantage of the Portuguese roads, sunsets and beach days 😉

An authentic exchange between Pukas and YOW.

Pukas has been part of the European Surfing History for many years. Since they handshaped their first surfboard back in 1973, this family driven company has mixed global technique and local knowledge in order to create state of the art surfboards.

Pukas ´designer and shaper Axel Lorentz came out with La Loca, a wider surfboard with a high-performance approach. This board has become a complete success among Pukas´ crew and surfers. When YOW and Pukas thought of bringing high-performance to their surf-skate range, the Pukas La Loca shaped by Axel Lorentz was the instant pick.

Two of our favorite rookies, Yago Dominguez and Iker Amatriain, were amazed watching the Arnette team painting Sopelana’s beautiful bowl.
When the art piece was finished, they went and surfed it, showing everybody that surfing doesn’t only happen in the sea. 
We want to thank to Arnette for painting it.

Empty perfection doesn’t happen only in the water. We found a snake run somewhere in France with Iara and our very best friend “Little boy”. What happened? Pure joy, pure Yow.

Will Clay heads out to some less crowded spots in search of empty waves.

It doesn’t matter if there’s waves to surf or if there’s flat. Just go surfskating.

YOW is like surfing the streets, check Quentin Gatchot turning and sliding like in a wave.