YOW Surfskate


Surf the streets if the conditions are bad or if you can’t get to the coast. Surfskate to train. Surfskate to have fun. Find your own wave. Pump, carve and cut-back just like you do on a surfboard.

Through our continuing research and development, we’re proud to present our latest YOW System, YOW V.3

YOW V.3 S4  4mm spring, for sharper cut-backs and carves or for surfskaters weighing between 30kg and 50kg.

YOW V.3 S5  5mm spring, for surfskaters weighing more than 50kg who want a more realistic surf experience.


Surf the streets.

Everything on our new YOW System’s designed to give you an authentic surfing feeling, the way you want it.

There’re two YOW Systems. Both surfskate systems are designed to fit standard trucks and any board. You can convert your old (or new) board into a surfskate as easily as changing trucks. Fit it to any configuration you like.

With YOW systems, you can change your surfskate wheelbase without changing your board (or drilling new holes). There’re two standard positions you can use to fit your YOW System.

YOW systems also include a locking pin so the front truck behaves like a regular board, if you want. That’s freedom.

You’ll feel our love of surfskate under your feet. From the perfected angle of the kingpin to the workings of the internal mechanisms and all our skatesurf decks, trucks and wheels. Everything’s been designed and tested to give a true surfing feeling.

YOW Surfskate.
your own wave