yow snappers 32.5 complete surfskate



Complete Surfskate

YOW Snappers, the perfect right hander all regular footers  dream with.

  • Size: 32.5″ x 10″ x 17″ WB
  • Trucks: Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver
  • Wheels: 66 x 51mm 78A Blue
  • YOW System: S5
  • Concave: Deep
  • Rocker: Nose & Tail Rocker

YOW Snappers, the perfect right hander all regular footers  dream with. Located in the Gold Coast of Australia, the Snappers’ wave has being the first stop on the championship tour surfers for the last 15 years. The unique sand banks deliver amazing endless rights.

The Yow Snappers surfskate means a lot for us. On 2017, while we were developing new shapes, we founded an old board we made on the first tests while creating the brand. This board had a tiny rocker on the nose. Immediately we felt in love with it, and started to modify the shape and the rocker until we reached the end result, the YOW Snapper deck.

This surfskate is the only YOW with rocker on the nose. This way, airs and tail slides become easier to make, without losing the natural feet position.

  • 32.5″ x 10″ x 17″ WB
  • 7 Plies U.S.A. Hard Rock Maple
  • One Coloured Ply
  • Black Jessup Griptape

  • Caliber 8.5″ Standard/Silver
  • 92A Blood Orange Ultra HR Formula Bushings
  • Cone & Barrel
  • 11/16″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 5/8″ Black Allen Bolt
  • 2″ Black Allen Bolts
  • 28mm Black Rubber Riser Pad

  • 66 x 51mm 78A Blue
  • Abec 7 Black Bearings
  • Spacers

  • Spring S5 System
  • Ball Bearing 51100
  • Loquing Screw
  • YOW System Patented

High Performance Series:

The Yow surfskate range is organized by 5 different series: Signature Series, High Performance Series, Power Surfing Series, Dream Wave Series and Classic Series.

The High Performance have being designed to make the most of your surfskate. All the High Performance surfskates are mounted with the S4 Yow System, to transmit a more reactive feeling and aggressive surf approach, perfect for kids and experienced surfers.

Snappers, Lakey Peak and Huntington Beach. Three iconic surf spots that deserve surfskates with their names on them. High performance series are meant to make the most of your surfskate.

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S5 (>50Kg)


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