Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? These three questions are probably three of the greatest questions we have asked ourselves since the beginning of humanity and give name to french artist Paul Gauguin ́s painting (above).

Do we come from the ocean? Did a greatest being create us? Was there a beginning at all? What ́s our destiny? We certainly don ́t know the answer to this questions, but have spent hours imagining what it might or not be.

At the beginning of the year, we asked 4 artist from 4 differen countries to interpretate this questions based on their own beliefs and imagination and the result is the following collection. A series of unique limited edition boards which pretend not just to allow you to feel what just surfing can, but to make you think about life and its bounda


Alastir Knowles Lenoir (AKA handsforfeet) is an illustrator and sign painter from the UK. Using heavy bold lines and bright colours, he makes work inspired mostly by nature and social observations.
He tries to make fun images whilst still maintaining a deeper meaning to each piece, whether it be fun or more serious.
His body is landlocked yet his mind is always near the sea, place where he takes much of the inspiration from.


Marcos Navarro is an illustrator from Barcelona now based in San Sebastian. In his work urban art and the influence of Barcelona’s subcultures converge harmoniously with the natural world and the way we relate to it. His art reflects the crucial times we are living as a civilization using animals and plants as bearers of truth.
Sinde he moved to the Basque Country, the sea has become his meditation spot and the waves an inspiration source.


Or Kantor is a tattoo and visual artist from Tel Aviv, Israel. His work takes us on a journey through the Middle-Eastern mythology and history. Animals, fantastic creatures and abstract forms represent emotions and explain stories from the past and the present. His passion for surfing and the Maditerranean sea os deeply connected to his work and his life turns around it. Nowadays Or explores different ways of expression such as tattoos, paintings or surfboard shapes.


Portuguese-based artist Luis da Silva’s inspiration lies in the natural environment surrounding hi,. cultural elements of the 60’s and surf culture of his home country. Always with the sun and ocean on his mind, he enables a merge of meticulous and introspective work delivered through psicodelia motifs and geometric shapes. Taking the viewer to another world, close to his own: one filled with melancholia, nostalgia and happiness; he delivers a classic Portuguese view of it to his audience.