100 Minutes for quitter times is the perfect playlist for those moments between surf/skate sessions when you feel like slowing down and perhaps enjoy a cold one with you mates under a palm tree or at your favorite spot. 

A sweet mix of carefully chosen tunes that will create the perfect environment for the well deserved break. Blues, Lo-fi rock, Latin and African rhythms… Tune in now and enjoy!


We recently asked some of our riders and ambassadors to share with us the music they listen to when hitting the road either to find waves or surfskate spots, the result is a series of playlists we will share with you all during the next few days with many hours of enjoyment.

The first playlist of this “Hitting the road with” series is a fresh selection of music made by our one and only Alex Pons where you will find a combination of genres from Indie, Psychodelic, Folk and Hip Hop to Electro Cumbia or Afro-Funk. Tune in now and enjoy.


Everything starts from the way we eat.

While in lockdown, it is vital to keep our body and mind healthy and that isn’t just limited to doing exercise or reading, but also to the way we eat. It is very easy to succumb to the pasta and pizza life, but if you want to get out of this quarantine in shape and ready for the world, you gotta do a bit more effort.

Today, our friend and nutritionist Claudia Jimenez will give you a few basic tips to stay healthy while confined.

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes it fails: A germ invades successfully and makes you sick (and this is happening very often nowadays, huh?!).

Your first line of defense is to choose a healthy lifestyle. Following general good-health guidelines is the single best step you can take towards keeping your immune system strong. By this point you all probably know which activities and good habits we are talking about, but here’s another friendly reminder:

  • Workout daily. Move your body!  It doesn’t matter how: Yoga, fitness, surfskate in your garage or patio, running in the corridor… Force yourself to do some sport everyday, you won’t regret. You’ve got some examples of exercises you can do at home on our Instagram TV 😉
  • Sunbath. Some of us live in places where the Sun doesn’t come out as much as we would like, but it’s important to try and get at least 10-15min of Sun per day. This sole action will boost your Vitamin D.
  • Sleep enough time. Nothing new, buddy, get from 7 to 9 hours sleep per night and you will keep a strong immune system.
  • Moderate the screen time. Most of us are probably spending 24h at our homes and it’s very easy to get abducted by the several screens we live with. Well, don’t. Looking at screens for several hours alter the pattern of the biological clockwork program in the body.
  • Get at least 10min of fresh air and ventilate your home everyday.
  • Maintain a good hygiene. Increase the times you wash your hands and do so for 20 seconds to kill most of the bacteria stucked in your skin. This is, in fact, one of the most important points you should follow seen the current global situation.
  • Eat well. 

Before going to the supermarket, check your current provisions and make a shopping list. Let’s avoid food waste.

What does a healthy shopping list include?
⁃ Fruits & Vegetables (Try to buy fresh and local)
⁃ Whole grains, tubers and nuts
⁃ High quality protein (vegan or animal)
⁃ Hygiene and home products (but come on, don’t buy all the existing toilet paper)

The following scheme is an example of the ideal daily food intake you should eat from each category. Of course, the quantity changes depending on your body mass, the amount of sport you practice per day and many more factors. Each body is a whole different world. For this example we chose the profile of  an adult individual with a normal BMI and whom practice sports moderately. 

For a more accurate profiling we definitely recommend you to contact with an specialist. Perhaps Claudia can help you with this matter 😉

Take time to cook a healthy meal. Don’t choose always the easy options like pasta, pizza or canned food.

Are you out of ideas? You can use this scheme as a base to create your own recipes:

And this is it for today! 

We hope you found this information useful! 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy


Welcome to our new space “Yow Surf Radio”. A space dedicated to one of the most important things in our lives: music. 

We are using the Stay Home, Stay Stoked program as an excuse to do something we’ve been willing to do for many months now: putting together our top picks music-wise and sharing the result with you. 

In this first edition called “Sounds From The Shore” you will find a special selection of songs curated by our team that will teleport you straight to the nearer shores. For those times when all you can do is dreaming about past surftrips while locked at home. 

We hope you enjoy it!

30 surf movies you should watch - Part 1

With the world facing one of the biggest crisis we can remember, it’s our time as citizens to protect each other and keep calmed until the storm goes away and we can enjoy the clear skies once again. 

Now since many of us are going to have to stay locked at home for the next few days/weeks, we’ve thought it could be of great help to make a little selection with some of our favorite Surf Movies and share them with you so the time spent at home doesn’t feel too heavy. 

The list doesn’t follow any particular order since they all are great pieces of art. 

We hope you enjoy the following flicks as much as we did.

Stay positive. Much love, 

YOW team


We would never start a Surf Movie list with a movie other than The Endless Summer (1966) by Bruce Brown. This is the godfather of surf movies, the one that defined the genre and a piece of art itself. The beginning of a surf revolution. 


Bruce Brown work meant a before and after in the Surf industry. The Endless Summer quickly became the first surf movie to be seen by the mainstream making the sport widely popular in USA and soon enough in the rest of the world. But before all of this, Bruce also became the first person to document Pipeline being surfed. Surfing Hollow Days (1961) shows Phil Edwards riding crystalline eight-foot waves at Banzai Beach, before becoming the most legendary wave in the world.


Film maker Jason Baffa along with a host of pro-surfers such as Chris Del Moro and Dave Rastovich, old friends, new friends, family and wave lovers embarked on a trip to Italy to make a documentary film on an emerging and unique surf culture in a country without amazingly consistent waves.


Eighteen of the world’s best surfers, some of the best surf breaks and the sublime cinematography courtesy of Ryan Thomas mixed all together with an incredible music selection results in one of the most mind-blowing surf movies we’ve seen till the date.


Possibly one of the most spectacular surf movie ever made. View From a Blue Moon follows the world’s most dynamic surfer John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. From the dreamy blue perfection of the South Pacific to the darkest uncharted waters of Africa (and everywhere in between), Florence faces a broad spectrum of emotions as he continues to seal his legacy as one of the most gifted surfers ever.


There’s many surf directors that deserve to be named in this list, but for us, Kai Neville’s work is one of the most vanguardist of the last two decades with absolute mind-blowing titles like Modern Collective, Dear Suburbia,, Lost Atlas or Cluster. Movies that have marked many generations now with a unique style and an eclectic cast of surfers. 






Unlike the rest of featured movies from Kai Neville, “The Quieter You Are, The More You Can Hear” starrs just one surfer, but when your only subject is Craig Anderson, you know that nothing can go wrong. 

Recorded over an 18 months period around the glove, “The Quieter You Are, The More You Can Hear” will keep your breath during the next 20 minutes. 


“The Church of the open sky” is a luscious visual love poem that explores gratefully lived surfing journeys. It is a sea soaked celebration of the exquisite preciousness of being alive.


Jack Coleman is well known for portraying the alternative surfing scene in a very unique and experimental way. His movies aren’t made for the average viewer: they don’t follow any established rule nor try to please anyone and that’s why we love them.

Coleman’s films are usually more experimental than this, which, depending on your tastes, can sometimes be hard to watch. But for the most part, Coleman tones down the auteur elements in this one, in favor of letting the actual surfing be the art, not the filmmaker’s command of the craft.


This is the first Rhythm surf documentary brought together by likeminded folks to blend surf, art, music, travel & craftsmanship through various chapters, into one total experience. The film takes you on a journey around the world from Australia’s East Coast to Indonesia, Northern Africa and the famous pointbreaks of central California. Overlay art filters were created in our studio & the original soundtrack was recorded in the Rhythm warehouse by Neal Purchase Jnr & The Brown Byrds plus Alex Wall from the Wax Witches.


A coming-of-age story that bombed at the box office, Big Wednesday has become a cult classic in recent years.
Jan-Michael Vincent, William Katt, and Gary Busey, comprise a trio of surfing friends seeking to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War, and transition into adulthood in the mid-seventies.


Whilst Lords of Dogtown might not include much surf scenes, it is still a title you should watch. The film tells the drastic true story behind three teenage surfers from Venice Beach, California, who took skateboarding to an extreme, changing the world of sports forever. This is the story of Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams part of the well known Z-boys, a group of strangers that looking for a way to surf outside of the water, started a revolution that took skateboarding to where it is today. 

Can you imagine what would have happened if they would have tried our system back then? 


On April 2019 we started organizing our 2020 campaign. After days of thinking we decided to do a surftrip with some of our brand ambassadors starting in the West Coast of France and finishing in the North Coast of Spain. The idea was simple: bring Alex Pons, Hugo Garcia, Hugo Cardoso and Wafa Heboul to San Sebastian, pack a selection of our favorite surfboards and surfskates and drive around for one week trying to find the best (sea and concrete) waves. We closed the dates for July and started to dream about such a complete week.

2 months passed by and the first dose of bad news arrived when Wafa, our ambassador in Morocco, got her visa request denied for some bureaucratic mistake we still cannot comprehend. It brought us down, we really wanted her to join us, but at that point we couldn’t switch the dates so we decided to continue with the plan.

The second dose of bad news came a week before starting the trip: flat conditions announced for the whole trip. 

At least 60% of being a surfer means dealing with this kind of situations, but it’s impossible to get used to them. However, we decided to continue with the plan and hoped for the best. 

We stablished our base camp in Lacanau for the first three days and from there moved to the rest of the French spots we previously had researched. 

Lacanau’s skatepark was the perfect start for the trip since it was composed by an incredibly fun pump track, a bowl and a series of banks and quarter pipes where we could have easily spent the whole trip. We surfed those concrete waves during the first morning until our legs could not continue.

There was no time for rest, we were eager for more waves, so right after lunch we headed towards “Bowl du Four” in Arcachon. This is a semi-abandoned skatepark built in the 60’s (one of the first skateparks in Europe as long as we know) which was occupied by a bunch of skaters whom built more ramps and modules and organized a series of events that ended up getting the attention of skaters like Tony Hawk. The space is now part of a camping area and just a few people use it throughout the year.

Such long and wide ramps were just perfect for our surfskates and we spent around 2 solid hours discovering the infinite different lines one could draw. We lost our drone and left with less skin, but it all was worth it.

We decided to check the waves before night, but did not have any luck.

After such a complete day, we woke up in pieces so we took things more calmly. The idea was to visit another oldschool skatepark, the Snake Run of Saintes, around 2h away from Lacanau.

We started our journey later in the morning and stopped by a tiny skatepark we saw on the way to warm up a bit before Saintes. After a few rounds under the 30ºC all we wanted was a swim, so we decided to continue our journey and stop by a lake to get our energies back. Few hours later we were arriving to Saintes, and hell that was the best snake run we’ve ever seen. 

The motivation was high and we did not wait a second to start trying the ramps. The snake run was fast and a bit sketchy. The falls were painful, but we could not contain ourselves, we gave it all till we really could not skate any longer.

We started the 4th day leaving our place in Lacanau and started driving towards Cantabria. We pit stopped in Moliets to visit our friends from Dreamsea Surf Camp and surf the ramp we built together. The next stop was the skatepark of Sopelana, where we met with our ambassador and long time good friend, Yago Dominguez, for a quick session before getting back on the road. Yago is one of the best surfers of his generation and has a natural ability for any kind of boardsport. Watching him on a Yow is an incredible visual pleasure. 

After a whole day on the road, we finally got to our final destination, Amigos Surf Project, the new project from our friends Pablo Garcerá and Artur Tatevosjan, whom you might remember from our Welcome Spring project. 

We spent the last days of our trip surfing the roads of Cantabria with our friends from Amigos and resting after an incredible surf(skate)trip which still with no waves, ended up having a ton of surf and fun. Reaffirming one of our claims “no more flat days“. 


When you think of the Mediterranean sea, waves are probably the last thing you add to the equation. Truth is the beautiful beaches of this sea don’t get waves very often, but when the stars get aligned and a swell hits the coast, some of those beaches can make one very happy for many, many hours in a row (tides are way too small to interfere in your session).

Two of Barcelona’s finest surfers, Alex Pons and Jan Bein, asked us to join them on a two day roadtrip through the Mediterranean coast for what seemed to be the last swell of the year in search of the less crowded beaches we could find. Our answer was too obvious.

Tickets to Barcelona were bought, surfboards waxed and SD cards emptied for the occasion and a few hours later we were meeting Alex and Jan at their hometown, Castelldefels. The swell was consistent and winds were looking good too, so we didn’t loose any time and soon enough we were already checking the first locations.  

We drove many miles and checked every corner till we found a good looking sandbank which, in addition, was completely empty. The guys put on 3 solid hours and just left the water when the hunger could not let them surf any longer. Batteries were recharged and the game continued now adding the very unpleasant visit of thousands of jellyfish, which made the session quite painful for the boys, but who cares when the waves are pumping? 

Next day started in a more relaxed way: we checked a few spots before the Sun was out, but the wind was too strong. The forecast was positive for the afternoon, so we decided to surf inland. We grabbed our phones and started checking every centimeter of the map till finding a possible spot. Drove for some extra miles and arrived to a giant (new) factory which happened to be right in the spot. We couldn’t leave without trying, so drove in and tried to find a way to sneak in without being seen. We failed. Some local knowledge helped us find a new spot and hell yeah we did have fun in there. Few hours passed and we could not feel our legs any longer, so we decided to head back to the coast and try find the final destination of the trip.

A few more miles were put on during the research of this final wave. It had to be the cherry on top of the cake. After checking out a couple more spots we finally found it and it was better than we thought it would be. We surfed for a few hours surrounded by some very friendly locals until this magic swell disappeared just as quick as it had come to us and like this, the short journey had arrived to an end.

Being a surfer in the Mediterranean is hard, but sometimes the long wait is well rewarded.


Starring: Alex Pons and Jan Bein
Recorded and edited by Xué Gil
Stills: Xué Gil
Music: Cooked – Ham Jam


At the beginning of the year the prestigious surf magazine Stab announced the winners of their anual Stab In The Dark, a blind taste surfboard test featuring the best shapers in the world. Mick Fanning was the surfer chosen for this fourth edition, and after trying 11 boards from 11 different shapers, he decided that the Pukas surfboard shaped by Axel Lorentz was the 2nd best board.

After such a success, it was no surprise that we would decide to convert the now named Pukas Dark into our 3rd Pukas x Yow model.


During this competition, the Pukas Dark was the fastest board reaching a top-speed of 38.4km/h. Pukas shaper Axel Lorentz wanted the board to be super fast: “I lowered the exit rocker and made the rails more parallel. The more parallel they are, the fastest the board goes.” Following this approach, Axel also acknowledged it would have a negative impact on maneuverability hadn’t he deepened the single concave; “deepening the concave in the Pukas Dark eases the maneuverability, which I also enhanced by adding a classic kick tail.”

Mick Fanning believes that a good board “has to perform well in all conditions”. During SITD Mick surfed Japanese typhoon condition, Californian Lower Trestles and his hometown Australian beach breaks that proved the Pukas Dark an internationally well-rounded high performance board he can trust.

This whole design is meant to be the highest-performance board in the Pukas portfolio. It begs a skilled surfer to perform on it, “you won’t find that ease of paddle because I have increased the rocker up in the nose and erased the extra foam in that area and putting it where a good surfer really needs it,” said Axel. It’s meant to fit in the most critical parts of the wave and help you connect fast with the next maneuver.



The new Yow x Pukas Dark 34.5″ is a high performance surfskate designed and built to satisfy the needs of the most radical concrete surfers out there.

Combining the longest deck from all our shortboard series with a 20″WB and the S5 YOW system, the Dark will allow you to perform radical turns with big precision at any speed. The Cinetic Crop 66 x 51mm 80A are going to keep you just where you want to be thanks to their highly grippy surface.


When Miguel Jr. (8 y.o) got offered to choose between going to Disneyland Paris or getting a Yow during a family vacation, he didn’t hesitate to choose the second option.

That happened just 1 year ago and he’s been riding his Yow every possible day ever since. With absolutely no one to look up to at the skatepark, he’s been learning each trick and body position by himself showing a natural talent for the concrete surfing. 

A month ago we got to spend a day with him and his lovely family and, of course, we made the most of it and recorded the two sessions. As a result, we got infinite clips of an 8 year old having absolutely the best time on top of a board.

We hope this video brings you a smile as big as the one it brought us.

Filmed and edited by Pablo Ribera

Photography by Xué Gil

Music: Poor Queen – Thee Oh Sees


Miguel rides a custom board: Snappers 32.5″ with the Yow System V4 S4 and Cinetic x Yow wheels Nebula model 60×40 82A. This configuration allows Miguel to take his performance to the limit.

Miguel weights less than 50kg, for that reason we mounted his surfskate with an S4, allowing him to turn with more ease. The incredible concave of the Snappers holds his feet in any kind of maneuver and the smallest and hardest wheels help him slide in any kind of floor with almost no effort.

You can buy Cinetic wheels here:


YOW x Pukas Surfboards - Plan B

It’s been 2 years since we presented our first collaboration with the Pukas Surfboards family, the Pukas x Yow “La Loca”, and after a huge success, it is no surprise that we decided to add one more shape to the Pukas x Yow series. 

We proudly present you the Pukas x Yow “Plan B”, a performance shape inspired by one of our favorite surfboards from all times. 

The Pukas Plan B surfboard is a hybrid that stands in between  a classic twin fin shape and a high performance thruster. A brilliant design out of the mind of Pukas‘s shaper Axel Lorentz. 

The surfskate replica of such a board, had to be just as incredible. Our designers, along with Axel Lorentz, created a surfskate board that can take your performance to the maximum level, yet still looking as clean as the original surfboard. 

We wanted to showcase the full potential of both surfboard and surfskate, reason why we called one of our best performers and Pukas team rider, Yago Dominguez, and spent a full day with him: first surfing in the water, later inland.

The result is a one minute video full of sharp turns and big airs. Once again showing how close your feeling can be when surfskating as when surfing.


Cameras: Pablo Ribera & Xué Gil

Edited by Xué Gil

Music: CFM – Black Cat

Photography by Xué Gil


With the new 2019 design, the Yow x Pukas “Plan B” feels like a fast performance board. The more rounded outline gives a plus of balance, and the wheelbase position through the board makes it reactive and sharp. The Yow x Pukas “Plan B” mounts the Yow System V4 S5 and the Cinetic Wheels 66x51mm, for fast rides with technical turns.


One of the biggest dreams of any surfer is to find an empty and perfect wave. This dream has been becoming more and more difficult to achieve due to the exponential growth of surfing and the super population. Sometimes, though, we spend so much time looking for what we desire far away, that we don’t realize what we have right next to us. Perhaps we just need to change our perspective. 

We knew the “Besós waves” very well, they have been present in many of our favorite skateboarding flicks and they are definitely one of the most famous skate spots in Barcelona, but we never saw them as “actual waves”.

While we were in Barcelona looking for new spots to “surf” with our Yows, the “Besós waves” came across our minds and we decided to give them a try.

We have done some research, yet haven’t find any information about the origin of such a curious piece of architecture. Who made it? Why? Was that explicitly made for skaters? We don’t have any answers to those questions, but we can tell you how glorious we felt while surfing this piece of concrete with our Yows.

The whole spot was so perfect for surfskate, we couldn’t believe it. We spent two solid hours surfing alone till we could not move one more finger. Just imagine. No crowd. No tides. No wind. No sharks. Just pure fun.

This video sums up perfectly the whole experience and we hope you enjoy it.

Starring: Xué Gil
Recorded & edited by: Pablo Ribera
Music: Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros – Man on fire


We spent a Wednesday morning in one of Barcelona’s finest skateparks while waiting for a small swell to come. 

Our guys Pablo Garcera and Artur Tatevosjan surfed the concrete waves of Mar Bella’s skatepark alone for 2 good hours and didn’t even think about taking a break. Imagine finding a perfect and lonely line up, what would you do?


Starring: Pablo Garcera & Artur Tatevosjan
Recorded by: Pablo Ribera
Edited by: Pablo Ribera
Photography: Xué Gil
Music: I Feel Good – Metaform

B O A R D S   U S E D :


Ibon Amatriain invited us to spend some days with his family during their pre-Christmas vacations in the beautiful island of Lanzarote. Their plan was to surf as much as they could and get some “papas arrugadas” in between. Who are we to say no to a surftrip with the Amatriain?

We all bought the plane tickets way before knowing the forecast for those days, so we didn’t know how the conditions were going to be. Lanzarote has consistent waves all year long, but it’s easy to get very strong winds as well.

The first two days were alright. Waves weren’t as expected, but we surely had some fun surfing in some of the main spots of the area and skating with our Yows . Excitement started to grow as the forecast showed the swell was picking during the next three days.

We decided to go a little further south the third day and found a couple lonely gems thanks to the local surfer and Ibon’s long time friend, Javi Polo, whom also invited us to eat paella at the beach. Ibon made the highlight of the day when fishing an 8kg fish from the shore while the rest of us were having a rest after surfing. We finished the day with a sunset surf and a good local dinner near the spot.

The swell arrived right on time for our last two days in the island. El Quemao started firing the fourth day, delivering classic barrels for the lucky ones and heavy wipeouts for the rest. Adur was the first to enter the water and scored a couple good waves before the crowd entered the water. Ibon couldn’t resist the temptation and went for a short surf before the wind came in, whilst Iker, whom was recovering from a foot injury, decided to hold the action for a better moment. 

Canary hero Jonathan Gonzalez got on one of the best waves of the day

We made the most of the fifth and last day going inside the water before sunrise with the two Amatriain brothers whom scored some good waves again at El Quemao and surfed in different spots till dark. We finished our little journey eating the fish Ibon caught at the beach all together.

Lanzarote, you got a place in our hearts.


Starring: Adur Amatriain, Iker Amatriain, Eki Amatriain & Ibon Amatriain
Recorded & edited by Xué Gil
Photography: Xué Gil
Music: Chan Chan (Compay Segundo) – covered by Quimbao la Nuit


Ibon Amatriain has been considered the best big-wave rider in Europe for the last two decades.

Ibon’s humility and easy-going character, along with his unimpachable, game-changing style have made him one of the most admired “underground” surfers in the world today and a respected mentor for the newer generation of big wave riders, like Axi Muniain and Aritz Aranburu, both form Ibon’s home town, Zarautz.

Ibon’s pioneering view focuses on all-round, healthy approach to life and has led to his nickname, “Sensei”, Japanese word for “teacher”. Using every technique from Yoga and stretching to boosting arm-power and a surfskate for his training sessions. Ibon is a true inspiration.

With a role-model like this, it’s not surprising that Ibon’s three sons are now moving onto the surf circuit.

Iker, Adur and Eki, all ride their dad’s surfskate signature series.


Get to know Hugo, a skater and life enthusiast to the bone. Give him a good spot and any kind of board and he will be stoked for days. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regular skateboard, a surfboard, a surfskate, a longboard…  all he wants is to go fast. 

When recording for our latest video “Welcome Spring” we took Hugo to a steep street with banks in one side and taught him how to slide in that same day. The following hours were a mix of crazy falls, speed and so much stoke. 

Rider: Hugo Garcia

Video by Pablo Ribera

Music: Bad Brains – Right Brigade


The vernal equinox is celebrated in very different ways around the world. From a simple sunset bonfire to throwing color powder in India or gathering at the Teotihuacán Pyramid for a Sun “soak up” energy ritual.

As much as we love all those ideas, we have decided to spend the first day of Spring doing what we like the most: surfing. In the water, in the streets, in skateparks… it doesn’t matter the place, all we want is to get this incredibly addictive feeling on top of a board.

A    S U R F ( S K A T E )    T R I P ?

When we were to decide the location for our new video many options came to our mind, but there was one that stood out above them all: Barcelona. Most of us at Yow have been (and still are) skaters, and for those who don’t know, Barcelona is kind of the Mecca for many skaters around the world. It has so many skate spots that someone could think that the whole city has been designed by skaters. So why not try going to some of the most iconic skate spots and “surf” them?

The whole trip felt like going on a surf exploration and trying to find the most remote waves. We drove from spot to spot around Barcelona and nearby towns. If there was a tiny possibility it could be surfed, we would go. As any good surf exploration, we failed many times, but all the time spent searching for perfect waves was worth it: we found incredible concrete waves.

We went to many spots we skated before on a regular skateboard and would have never guessed they could be “surfed” as well. At the end, all you need is your Yow and a bit of imagination to find waves wherever you are.


February was weirdly nice in Europe with three weeks of perfect waves combined with summer-like weather. Whether it is part of the climate change or not, we surely made the most of each day surfing, skating and enjoying the Sun.

During the last days of false Summer we spent some time surfing with the young & talented Alex Petit in several surf spots along the Spanish and French Basque Coast. We took our Byron Bay board with us and let him play with it. His looseness and characteristic style on top of the surfskate captivated us from the first second and teleported us to the beginning of the modern surfing in the California of the 60s, so it isn’t of surprise that we ended up making a short video showcasing his style in and outside the water.


Starring: Alex Petit
Recorded by: Pablo Ribera & Xué Gil
Edited by: Pablo Ribera
Photography by: Xué Gil
Music: Rip Van Winkle – Shannon and The Clams


You need to know the past to understand the present. This is the reason why we decided to create the Classic Series, an ode to the beginning of surfing and all what it meant.

Inspired by the first surfing movies and the actual retro movement; and named after one of the epicenters of classical surfing, we designed the new Byron Bay surfskate, the perfect match for long summer days and barefoot sessions.