February was weirdly nice in Europe with three weeks of perfect waves combined with summer-like weather. Whether it is part of the climate change or not, we surely made the most of each day surfing, skating and enjoying the Sun.

During the last days of false Summer we spent some time surfing with the young & talented Alex Petit in several surf spots along the Spanish and French Basque Coast. We took our Byron Bay board with us and let him play with it. His looseness and characteristic style on top of the surfskate captivated us from the first second and teleported us to the beginning of the modern surfing in the California of the 60s, so it isn’t of surprise that we ended up making a short video showcasing his style in and outside the water.


Starring: Alex Petit
Recorded by: Pablo Ribera & Xué Gil
Edited by: Pablo Ribera
Photography by: Xué Gil
Music: Rip Van Winkle – Shannon and The Clams


You need to know the past to understand the present. This is the reason why we decided to create the Classic Series, an ode to the beginning of surfing and all what it meant.

Inspired by the first surfing movies and the actual retro movement; and named after one of the epicenters of classical surfing, we designed the new Byron Bay surfskate, the perfect match for long summer days and barefoot sessions.