The vernal equinox is celebrated in very different ways around the world. From a simple sunset bonfire to throwing color powder in India or gathering at the Teotihuacán Pyramid for a Sun “soak up” energy ritual.

As much as we love all those ideas, we have decided to spend the first day of Spring doing what we like the most: surfing. In the water, in the streets, in skateparks… it doesn’t matter the place, all we want is to get this incredibly addictive feeling on top of a board.

A    S U R F ( S K A T E )    T R I P ?

When we were to decide the location for our new video many options came to our mind, but there was one that stood out above them all: Barcelona. Most of us at Yow have been (and still are) skaters, and for those who don’t know, Barcelona is kind of the Mecca for many skaters around the world. It has so many skate spots that someone could think that the whole city has been designed by skaters. So why not try going to some of the most iconic skate spots and «surf» them?

The whole trip felt like going on a surf exploration and trying to find the most remote waves. We drove from spot to spot around Barcelona and nearby towns. If there was a tiny possibility it could be surfed, we would go. As any good surf exploration, we failed many times, but all the time spent searching for perfect waves was worth it: we found incredible concrete waves.

We went to many spots we skated before on a regular skateboard and would have never guessed they could be «surfed» as well. At the end, all you need is your Yow and a bit of imagination to find waves wherever you are.