When you think of the Mediterranean Sea, waves are probably the last thing that comes to your mind. Truth is that the beautiful beaches of this sea don’t get waves very often, but when the stars align and a swell hits the coast, some of those beaches can make one very happy for many, many hours in a row. (The tides are way too small to interfere in your session).

Two of Barcelona’s finest surfers, Alex Pons and Jan Bein, asked us to join them on a two-day road trip through the Mediterranean coast for what seemed to be the last swell of the year. We were in search of the most deserted beaches we could find. Our answer was too obvious.

Tickets to Barcelona were bought, surfboards were waxed, and SD cards emptied for the occasion. A few hours later we were meeting Alex and Jan at their hometown, Castelldefels. The swells were consistent, and the wind felt good too, so we lost no time.  Soon enough we were already checking put the first locations.  

We drove many miles and checked every corner till we found a good-looking sandbank which, in addition, was completely empty. The guys put in 3 solid hours and only left the water when they were so hungry, they couldn’t surf any longer. Batteries were recharged and the game continued now adding the very unpleasant visit of thousands of jellyfish, which made the session quite painful for the boys, but who cares when the waves are pumping?  

The next day started out a more relaxed way: we checked a few spots before the Sun was out, but the wind was too strong. The forecast was positive for the afternoon, so we decided to surf inland. We grabbed our phones and started checking every centimeter of the map until finding a possible spot. Drove for some extra miles and arrived to a giant (new) factory which happened to be right where we wanted to surf. We couldn’t leave without trying, so we drove in and tried to find a way to sneak in without being seen. We failed. Later, some local knowledge helped us find a new spot and hell yeah, we did have fun out there. A few hours passed and we could not feel our legs any longer, so we decided to head back to the coast and try find the final destination of the trip.

We put in a few more miles for the research of this final wave. It had to be the cherry on top. After checking out a couple more spots we finally found it and it was better than we could have hoped. We surfed for a few hours surrounded by some very friendly locals until this magic swell disappeared just as quick as it had come to us and like this, the short journey had arrived to an end.

Being a surfer in the Mediterranean is hard, but sometimes the long wait is well rewarded.


Starring: Alex Pons and Jan Bein
Recorded and edited by Xué Gil
Stills: Xué Gil
Music: Cooked – Ham Jam