On April 2019 we started organizing our 2020 campaign. After days of thinking we decided to do a surftrip with some of our brand ambassadors starting in the West Coast of France and finishing in the North Coast of Spain. The idea was simple: bring Alex Pons, Hugo Garcia, Hugo Cardoso and Wafa Heboul to San Sebastian, pack a selection of our favorite surfboards and surfskates and drive around for one week trying to find the best (sea and concrete) waves. We closed the dates for July and started to dream about such a complete week.

2 months passed by and the first dose of bad news arrived when Wafa, our ambassador in Morocco, got her visa request denied for some bureaucratic mistake we still cannot comprehend. It brought us down, we really wanted her to join us, but at that point we couldn’t switch the dates so we decided to continue with the plan.

The second dose of bad news came a week before starting the trip: flat conditions announced for the whole trip. 

At least 60% of being a surfer means dealing with this kind of situations, but it’s impossible to get used to them. However, we decided to continue with the plan and hoped for the best. 

We stablished our base camp in Lacanau for the first three days and from there moved to the rest of the French spots we previously had researched. 

Lacanau’s skatepark was the perfect start for the trip since it was composed by an incredibly fun pump track, a bowl and a series of banks and quarter pipes where we could have easily spent the whole trip. We surfed those concrete waves during the first morning until our legs could not continue.

There was no time for rest, we were eager for more waves, so right after lunch we headed towards « Bowl du Four » in Arcachon. This is a semi-abandoned skatepark built in the 60’s (one of the first skateparks in Europe as long as we know) which was occupied by a bunch of skaters whom built more ramps and modules and organized a series of events that ended up getting the attention of skaters like Tony Hawk. The space is now part of a camping area and just a few people use it throughout the year.

Such long and wide ramps were just perfect for our surfskates and we spent around 2 solid hours discovering the infinite different lines one could draw. We lost our drone and left with less skin, but it all was worth it.

We decided to check the waves before night, but did not have any luck.

After such a complete day, we woke up in pieces so we took things more calmly. The idea was to visit another oldschool skatepark, the Snake Run of Saintes, around 2h away from Lacanau.

We started our journey later in the morning and stopped by a tiny skatepark we saw on the way to warm up a bit before Saintes. After a few rounds under the 30ºC all we wanted was a swim, so we decided to continue our journey and stop by a lake to get our energies back. Few hours later we were arriving to Saintes, and hell that was the best snake run we’ve ever seen. 

The motivation was high and we did not wait a second to start trying the ramps. The snake run was fast and a bit sketchy. The falls were painful, but we could not contain ourselves, we gave it all till we really could not skate any longer.

We started the 4th day leaving our place in Lacanau and started driving towards Cantabria. We pit stopped in Moliets to visit our friends from Dreamsea Surf Camp and surf the ramp we built together. The next stop was the skatepark of Sopelana, where we met with our ambassador and long time good friend, Yago Dominguez, for a quick session before getting back on the road. Yago is one of the best surfers of his generation and has a natural ability for any kind of boardsport. Watching him on a Yow is an incredible visual pleasure. 

After a whole day on the road, we finally got to our final destination, Amigos Surf Project, the new project from our friends Pablo Garcerá and Artur Tatevosjan, whom you might remember from our Welcome Spring project. 

We spent the last days of our trip surfing the roads of Cantabria with our friends from Amigos and resting after an incredible surf(skate)trip which still with no waves, ended up having a ton of surf and fun. Reaffirming one of our claims « no more flat days« .