Ibon Amatriain invited us to spend some days with his family during their pre-Christmas vacations in the beautiful island of Lanzarote. Their plan was to surf as much as they could and get some « papas arrugadas » in between. Who are we to say no to a surftrip with the Amatriain?

We all bought the plane tickets way before knowing the forecast for those days, so we didn’t know how the conditions were going to be. Lanzarote has consistent waves all year long, but it’s easy to get very strong winds as well.

The first two days were alright. Waves weren’t as expected, but we surely had some fun surfing in some of the main spots of the area and skating with our Yows . Excitement started to grow as the forecast showed the swell was picking during the next three days.

We decided to go a little further south the third day and found a couple lonely gems thanks to the local surfer and Ibon’s long time friend, Javi Polo, whom also invited us to eat paella at the beach. Ibon made the highlight of the day when fishing an 8kg fish from the shore while the rest of us were having a rest after surfing. We finished the day with a sunset surf and a good local dinner near the spot.

The swell arrived right on time for our last two days in the island. El Quemao started firing the fourth day, delivering classic barrels for the lucky ones and heavy wipeouts for the rest. Adur was the first to enter the water and scored a couple good waves before the crowd entered the water. Ibon couldn’t resist the temptation and went for a short surf before the wind came in, whilst Iker, whom was recovering from a foot injury, decided to hold the action for a better moment. 

Canary hero Jonathan Gonzalez got on one of the best waves of the day

We made the most of the fifth and last day going inside the water before sunrise with the two Amatriain brothers whom scored some good waves again at El Quemao and surfed in different spots till dark. We finished our little journey eating the fish Ibon caught at the beach all together.

Lanzarote, you got a place in our hearts.


Starring: Adur Amatriain, Iker Amatriain, Eki Amatriain & Ibon Amatriain
Recorded & edited by Xué Gil
Photography: Xué Gil
Music: Chan Chan (Compay Segundo) – covered by Quimbao la Nuit


Ibon Amatriain has been considered the best big-wave rider in Europe for the last two decades.

Ibon’s humility and easy-going character, along with his unimpachable, game-changing style have made him one of the most admired “underground” surfers in the world today and a respected mentor for the newer generation of big wave riders, like Axi Muniain and Aritz Aranburu, both form Ibon’s home town, Zarautz.

Ibon’s pioneering view focuses on all-round, healthy approach to life and has led to his nickname, “Sensei”, Japanese word for “teacher”. Using every technique from Yoga and stretching to boosting arm-power and a surfskate for his training sessions. Ibon is a true inspiration.

With a role-model like this, it’s not surprising that Ibon’s three sons are now moving onto the surf circuit.

Iker, Adur and Eki, all ride their dad’s surfskate signature series.