Frequently Asked Question

There are different combinations when choosing your Yow. It´s really important to choose your Yow depending your size, your weight and your surf/skate experience.

For helping you choose your correct surfskate, we have developed CHOOSE YOUR YOW

  • Aritz Aranburu 30.5"
  • Amatriain 33.5"
  • Huntington Beach 30"
  • Lakey Peak 32"
  • Snapper Rocks 32.5"
  • J-Bay 33"
  • Mini Malibu 36"
  • Waikiki 40"

Yow system works with two different Springs. The Yow S4 System Box has a 4mm spring, that makes the yow more smooth and reactive. The S4 System Box works perfect for people under 50kgs or good surfers that want to technify on small and fast waves.
The Yow S5 System Box uses a 5mm spring which works correctly on people with more than 50kgs of weight or surfers that want to technify powerful waves.

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We work with an universal online distributor, which is HLC distribution. There you will find all the Yow Models, The Yow System, and all the accessories.

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