YOW System


  1. YOW Kingpin.
  2. YOW Base / lower part.
  3. YOW Base / upper part.
  4. Countersunk head front bolts (x4)
    union to YOW deck.
  5. YOW Spring. Diameters of 4mm or 5mm.
  6. Bearings.
  7. Bronze self-lubricating bushing.
  8. YOW kingping locknut.
  9. YOW locking screw.
  10. Ridged front bolts (x4)
    YOW union to traditional truck.
  11. Lock nuts (x8).
  12. Countersunk head back bolts (x4).
  13. YOW riserpad.

Base assembly

The YOW System has eight machined holes on the top of the baseplate where it bolts to the board.

These holes have been machined in two sets of four, exactly one inch apart, offering two different attachment positions.

Attaching the board to the YOW System at position P1 offers a longer wheelbase. Position P2 is exactly one inch shorter than P1.

Front truck assembly

1. Undo the locknut of the kingpin of the YOW System.

2. Carefully separate the top and the bottom of the baseplate.

3. Fit the trucks to the bottom of the baseplate using the high-quality bolts and nuts provided.

4. Re-join the top and the bottom of the baseplate to the top of the baseplate, using the kingpin.

5. Secure it all together with the bushing, the bearing and the locknut, as it was before fitting the truck.

6. Make sure the locknut isn’t over-tightened by checking the movement in the bearings (moving the truck from one side to the other).

7. Choose where you want your surfskate board, position P1 or P2.

8. Bolt your YOW System to your surfskate board using the high-quality bolts provided.

Back truck assembly

Bolt your YOW Riserpad between your surfskate deck and your back truck, using the bolts and nuts provided with the YOW System.

How to lock your YOW System

Use the locking pin provided.

Make sure the locking pin isn’t over-tightened.

YOW system is patented and complies with standard UNE EN 13613:2010

*The manufacturer reserves the right to change technical characteristics and specifications.