One of the biggest dreams of any surfer is to find an empty and perfect wave. This dream has been becoming more and more difficult to achieve due to the exponential growth of surfing and the super population. Sometimes, though, we spend so much time looking for what we desire far away, that we don’t realize what we have right next to us. Perhaps we just need to change our perspective. 

We knew the “Besós waves” very well, they have been present in many of our favorite skateboarding flicks and they are definitely one of the most famous skate spots in Barcelona, but we never saw them as “actual waves”.

While we were in Barcelona looking for new spots to “surf” with our Yows, the “Besós waves” came across our minds and we decided to give them a try.

We have done some research, yet haven’t find any information about the origin of such a curious piece of architecture. Who made it? Why? Was that explicitly made for skaters? We don’t have any answers to those questions, but we can tell you how glorious we felt while surfing this piece of concrete with our Yows.

The whole spot was so perfect for surfskate, we couldn’t believe it. We spent two solid hours surfing alone till we could not move one more finger. Just imagine. No crowd. No tides. No wind. No sharks. Just pure fun.

This video sums up perfectly the whole experience and we hope you enjoy it.

Starring: Xué Gil
Recorded & edited by: Pablo Ribera
Music: Edward Shape & The Magnetic Zeros – Man on fire