In the early days of 2021, we started a conversation with professional longboard surfer Chloé Calmón and her sister, Clara – a graphic designer and visual artist – aiming to create a new surfskate model that emulates the feeling of longboard surfing.

Originally, we coordinated a trip between the YOW team and the Calmón sisters – we wanted to explore the Brazilian coastline, to take a special journey and document it all, designing the board along the way. Then the Covid-19 pandemic hit, trapping the world inside and swiftly putting an end to our plans.

While the original trip was supposed to be in some secret, unexplored place, Covid-19 drastically changed our plans – as per usual lately. So the sisters stuck somewhere much closer to home, and ended up rediscovering the beauty of their own home province.

For Chloé, it was about taking some time to reconnect with Brazil. For Clara, an opportunity to witness the native wildlife of her homeland and create new art pieces.

For both of them, it was an opportunity to travel together for the first time in many years – something they hadn’t done since they were very young.

So they loaded up the van with their backpacks, some provisions, and their essential travel items – for Chloé, her surfboard; for Clara, her paints and brushes. The days that followed were full of surfing, painting and discovering in the coastal wilderness surrounding the town of Arraial do Cabo.

This special journey revealed that sometimes one does not need to venture far to find extraordinary places. In fact, there can be plenty of beautiful places right under our nose, just waiting to be discovered.

We don’t have to venture far to some foreign place across the world in order to have a meaningful experience. Sometimes, we just have to change the way we look at where we already are.