Warranty and user’s instructions

Every original flaw or latent defect will be repaired completely free of charge for a period of 2 years since the purchase date.

If the repairs are not satisfactory and the object does not meet the optimum conditions for compliance with the use, the guarantee holder will be entitled to replacement of object purchased by another of identical characteristics or to a refund of the full price paid.

In case of any incident with the use or condition of your Yow and its components (table, wheels, trucks, Yow System, griptape …), do not modify the defective component (in the case of the Yow System, do not open it). Any attempt to fix, open the Yow System or modify the original status will invalidate the warranty.

In the case of the Yow System V4, the spring and bearings are guaranteed for 6 months, because they are wear elements. After six months, after the break of a spring, the distributor (HLC distribution) will offer for sale packs of springs in its online store, with international shipping.

The procedure that must be carried out to process the guarantee is as follows:

– If you have purchased your Yow from the HLC Distribution online store, please contact the distributor via email or phone. The information that will be required to carry out the warranty will be photos of the defective product and a photo of the purchase ticket.

– If you have purchased your Yow in a physical store, go to your store with the defective product with the purchase ticket. The store will contact us to process the guarantee.

– If you have purchased your Yow in an online store, contact via email with the store sending photos of the defective product and adding a photo of the purchase ticket. The store will contact us to process the guarantee.

For any questions, please contact us here.

In the case of buying the second-hand Yow, you must go to the first buyer and ask for information about the purchase (ticket). In the event that there is no ticket that proves the purchase of the Yow, the guarantee can not be carried out.

Maintenance and use

For having your Yow always in good conditions, follow next steps:

  1. Check your Yow before every use, particularly the nuts, axles, screws, wheels and bearings which must be correctly tightened.
  2. Check if your wheels are properly secured.
  3. Check the parts, the screws and nuts should neither too tight or to loose, as both these situations could lead to injury.
  4. If you have to remove the bearings do so with care and always replace them in the correct place. Placing the bearing in the wrong place can be very dangerous.
  5. Check the parts of the skateboards regularly, specially the threads. Check the board and decks. Replace any part of the board when it is necessary.